Taiwan Orchids Growers Association, TOGA

Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, TOGA, established in November 26, 2001 by orchid growers in Taiwan, is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the development of orchid industry. Their objectives include bringing combine the growers and distributors in Taiwan, promoting development of cultivation and distribution, developing domestic and international markets, improving production and marketing techniques, and assisting government in basic policies of developing flowers industry. Their business content mainly, to execute the events that the government or related units entrusted; to conduct the preparatory work and domestic and international propaganda activities of the Taiwan International Orchid Show; to establish the cooperative mechanism of exchange visits with every international orchid organizations and; to promote industry's internationalization to strengthen the communication of industry information; and to offer technological new know-how and new idea to promote industry upgrading. In addition, they actively assisting estate to expand the markets of domestic and international, and strengthens the cooperation between growers and distributors, in order to accelerate the development of Taiwan orchid. 
        The Association conducts the Taiwan International Orchid Show every year, in order to promote the exchanges of Taiwan and international orchid industry. The 8th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference which Taiwan held in 2004 pushed the Taiwan International Orchid Show to the climax, Taiwan International Orchid Show 2005 combine the Taiwan Orchid Plantation (TOP), enable the TOP to become famous all at once, fire the international popularity. From 2006 to 2008 the exhibition combine the modern technology and contemporary art especially successful brings the orchid into the life of peoples.

Vision and Objectives:

  1. A. To hold exhibitions and seminars to promote exchange of professional knowledge among growers and distributors.
  2. B. To developing applications and provide education of orchid market.
  3. C. To participate in international orchid organizations and promote transferring of production technology.
  4. D. To provide assistance to orchid growers and distributors to upgrade related capabilities.
  5. E. To organize domestic and international market visits and sales campaigns.
  6. F. To publish journals on orchid production and marketing, to promote orchid professional knowledge.
  7. G. To nurture orchid production and marketing technology talent, promotion orchid industry continues forever to develop.
  8. H. To assistance government in the fundamental policy for develops flowers industry, promotes all the people body and mind development.
  9. I. To handles every kind of orchid to archive, evaluate, certify, exhibit, judging, view and emulates and so on the items.